Slurry Management

Dribble bar

  • Available in Standard 7 to 10 metres (wider bespoke available on request).
    Sammy Hughes’ unique design of horizontal macerator with stone trap including 6 spider legs which divert stones and foreign bodies to the exit chute.
  • Hydraulic motor macerator drive is remotely mounted so that no slurry can come in contact with tractor oils.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Newrock’s umbilical system for added advantages.

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  • The umbilical method of Manure / Slurry handling involves pumping the liquid from a liquid storage facility (lagoon or tank) using a high-pressure pump unit, via a pipeline, to a tractor mounted applicator unit. Once the system is set up and the pipeline has been laid, the pump is started and the applicator unit is the driven in straight lines, dragging the supply pipe, known as the Drag Hose, up and down the spreading field.


Slurry Pump

  • 3 Point linkage system with its special feature of the PTO shaft being able to remain connected during operation – both in and out of slurry tank

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Hose Protector

  • Available with a mounting bracket which fits either side of the valve – for ease of transport between farms.
  • A latch pin on the hose protector allows the hose to be locked into the cradle so you can set the hose to a given depth in the tank.
  • The Hose Protector helps protect against pin holes from developing as a result of the hose flattening and thus creating pin holes and cracks in the hose. Pin holes can cause the umbilical pump to air lock. Air bubbles will explode inside the pump’s impeller, causing excessive wear to the pump.

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