Wheel Mixer / Meal Mixer

The perfect solution for diet feeding and meal mixing

IMG_3266 IMG_3287

  • Multi-patented innovation
  • 6 sets of spokes with cross – members which lifts the material within the wheel
  • Less area of resistance to the outside of the barrel giving an easier drive and allowing a smaller Horse Power Tractor
  • Load is carried and tumbles within the large diameter wheel which means little or no damage to structure and fibre of the material
  • Gives an evenly mixed ration with looser and fluffier feed which means an increase in foo value for dairy and beef cattle
  • The large diameter wheel, in conjunction with the tapered barrel design, has been proven to provide a very even mix – confirmed in Riddle tests
  • Very fast mixing time achieved – as the entire load is on the move from side to side as well as rolling within the mixing chamber.